July 2017 Newsletter

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July 2017 Newsletter

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Last month, we had an incredible opportunity to take part in a community event called: “Breakfast in the street.”  It was a time where we met all of our neighbors in the surrounding 4 block radius.  Many new friendships were formed. We love building community with the people of Brugge.


 The U.S. Dollar has been steadily dropping in value against the Euro.  It now takes $1.14 to buy 1 Euro, so essentially we are losing 14 cents on every Dollar that’s given.  14% of our support is gone before we even receive it.  The current economic forecast is that this will continue to slide to 20% by December.  It would not be wise to take a furlough to raise more support at this time. Our Bible study for unbelievers has terrific forward momentum. We always start with a meal, and we invest over $400 of our support each month to do this. We don’t want to have to stop, lives are changing.

Thank you for your faithful giving during this time of economic uncertainty.



  As Dennis mentioned, there’s been a significant drop in the value of the U.S. Dollar.  I thought that all the wives and moms would like to know what shopping is like in Belgium at today’s exchange rate.

   Brady & I must appear at the city hall on August 26 to see what Brussels has decided about our paperwork for residency.  Should they deny the request, we will need to come back to the U.S. to file for a residence visa at the Belgian consulate in Los Angeles.  We’re ready for this waiting period to be over.  Please continue to pray.