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May 2017 Newsletter

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One of the crazy things about living in Belgium is the surprise bills that you receive.  We’ve received 2 this month.  One for $1,350 (for the mandatory socialized medicine contribution.  Yep it’s mandatory until Laura & Brady’s paperwork is completed, and nope, its not free) and another bill for $565 (for the electricity and water).  The utility company only reads the meters once a year in Belgium, so they guess how much you pay each month, then send you a bill for the difference when they actually read the meters.

     Those two bills came as God was challenging me to begin a new teaching series.  We tend to focus on ways to have “less stress”, but really it’s not about “less stress”, it’s really about “more trust”.  If we trust Him more, we get God’s peace that passes all understanding — and that peace wipes out the stress.  BUT if we try to reduce stress, that doesn’t guarantee peace.  You might succeed in reducing stress, but that doesn’t mean you’ve added peace to the equation.  It only works in one direction.  More trust, more peace = less stress.  It doesn’t work the opposite way:  less stress = more peace.  God is asking us to live this out in a very real way:  Not “less stress”, but “more trust.”

     We’re still in need of a vehicle for the ministry here.  It is truly essential.  Please continue to pray with us about this.  The U.S. dollar is also losing strength against the Euro, so we’re losing 12 cents on every dollar in the exchange rate.

     In just over a week and a half, we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  This journey with the love of my life has been so much more than I could have ever dreamed.

I am incredibly grateful for Laura and her ceaseless love.


     22 years ago, as a young 23 year-old, I left my home, family, and country and moved to a place that was completely foreign to me.  It was hard. Just 9 months ago, a little older, and I like to think a little wiser, I again left my home, family, and country and moved back across the ocean to a place that was no longer completely foreign to me, in reality, it’s a  second home. But, it’s still hard.

     As we are coming up on an entire year back in Belgium, I look back and think of all the miraculous things God has done to get us where we are. Even though it has been hard, I have fallen more in love with my Savior who daily orchestrates our lives to lead us through the paths He wants to take us in order to accomplish what He wants done here in Belgium.

     The last few months have been exciting & crammed full of new things. The Bible study we have started is going really, really well. We’ve already given the new church plant a name and have started the social media push.

     Drake is home from Liberty University for the summer break.  He is going to be a big help with all the outreach plans for the next couple of months.