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Our Bible Study Continues To Grow !!!

Every Sunday evening we offer a meal and a time around God’s word.  The reason we chose Sunday evening is that our city’s economy is primarily driven by tourism.  This essentially means that people who work on Sunday mornings will never be able attend a Bible study or even a church service.  We are encouraged that we now have 10 people who are coming every week on a regular basis.  Our living room is getting too small.  Our desire is to keep the meal & Bible study format for as long as possible.  From past experience we know that if we transition to a rented facility and morph the Bible study into a more formal service, we will lose about 25% of the people.  There is something to be said about sharing God’s love around the table.  We have already begun praying and searching for a house with a larger living room.  We would truly like to stay in the same part of town as we have built numerous bridges into the community.  We would love it if you prayed with us about this.

The Belgian minister of Economy has presented legislation that will oblige retailers to round off the total amount of any bill paid in cash to five Euro cents.  We spend a minimum of $125 each week to feed those who come to our Bible study, and because of you, we are able to continue connecting people with the gospel.  We look forward to sharing with you the continued impact of your generosity.