Jan 2019 Update

Jan 2019 Update

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10 1⁄2 hours in the month of December, and only 19 minutes in the first week of January. That’s how much sun we saw during that period. Spiritually speaking, Belgium is truly a dark country, but these long winters can add an extra layer of darkness that is almost indescribable.

During these dark moments of winter, it’s crucial to keep the community and encouragement flowing. I’ve been trying to organize a “before you go to work” early morning breakfast for the men who attend our bible study. Sounds simple, right? Nope. Hang with me here…

Our city of 150,000 people had over
8.3 million visitors in 2018. That is an increase of over 900,000 from 2017. December 30th was the busiest day of the year with over 60,000 tourists. The reason I mention those figures is because very few eating establishments actually open before 9 a.m. simply because the hotels offer breakfast to the overnight visitors and there really isn’t much motivation to open early for the locals. We see this an invitation to make friendships with the proprietors when we ask them to open early just for us.

We love hosting our meal & bible study every week. not only are we cramped for space, but we have completely worn out all of our chairs. They are very rickety and not really safe to use anymore. What a great problem, right?


What a joy it was to have our son, Drake, home for the Christmas break from Liberty U. It’s hard to believe he’s finishing up his Junior year. Brady turned 20 last week. We are incredibly blessed with how God has gifted both of our boys. Drake has been a huge help with computer repair and video editing. Brady has given us a big push with graphic arts & social media. Both our boys are lending us invaluable assets for the ministry and we’re overjoyed that they are using their talents for the lord. We are still in need of a refrigerator. Sadly, were were not able to buy one during “sale month” as we had hoped, but you never know what kind of door God will open for us. We have organized a Valentine’s dinner and 26 have promised to come. We love building these connection points and we are grateful for your part in helping us introduce people to Jesus.