Oct 2018 Update

Oct 2018 Update

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Honesty !!

As I was walking to meet someone for coffee the other day, not really wanting to go, I had a few thoughts run through my head.  I was missing my family in America and

I asked myself, “Is it worth it?”  Last month it seemed that we had every extra bill imaginable come in while all our support had not.  Again my thoughts were:

“Is it worth it?”  I just read on Facebook about a friend’s baby shower, wishing I could be there. I asked myself again, “Is it worth it?”  Sometimes as missionaries we have a bad day, bad week, or even a bad month and we ask ourselves, “Is this all really worth it?”  Then God brings to mind the young woman who we have asked you all to pray for for the last two years.  Her name is Natasja, she is 23 years old and she finally accepted Christ as her Savior at camp last month.  And it is then that you get over your self-pity and answer the question with  “Of course it is worth it!”

I can’t describe the joy of being able to lead this young woman to Christ.  And even greater still, was that the SAME DAY that she prayed and accepted God’s gift of salvation, she sat down and talked with 2 younger girls and prayed alongside them. Not only was she saved, she helped lead 2 more to their Savior.  It was pretty amazing !!!   All this to say, never stop praying for your missionaries, you never know what struggles they might be going through, and your prayers really do keep us going. When I am struggling and missing home and family, I remind myself of what I once heard in a sermon and wrote in the flap of my Bible.  The best use of life is to spend it on something that outlasts life.  Thank you for partnering with us to do just that!!

Winter is coming !!

We received a notice from our utility company yesterday.  Belgium has 7 nuclear plants, but only 2 of those 7 are currently working.  Next month they will take one of those offline for renovation.  That leaves only 1 plant to generate what’s needed for the entire country of Belgium during the month of November.  The temperatures are already dropping and the utility company has made it clear that the prices will be significantly higher due to the law of supply and demand.  Pray that our support stays strong.

As our bible study continues to grow, please continue praying with us about finding a larger place.